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New Documentation Wiki

After the big move from MediaWiki as the main CM for the project and to WordPress, I decided to re-purpose the old wiki and use it as a dumping ground for detailed documentation surrounding the project. You can find the link to it throughout this entire website and here. The wiki will constantly be a work in progress. There isn’t much to it now but over time, expect it to grow substantially, especially as I start to finish RapidDisk LX 2.0.

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Upcoming releases

There are a couple of things in the works for the project.

  1. One is the official release of 3.0 of the driver set. 3.0 marks a major milestone release which will include a new module with new functionality that ties into RapidDisk very well. This new module will be accompanied by minor tweaks to the other modules.
  2. Also in the works is an x86_64 port of RapidDisk LX with some package updates and a couple of extra packages added for additional single node functionality. This release will mark 2.0.

That is all I will reveal at the moment but I can assure you, that these updates and changes will make the project that much more exciting.

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