Redefining Data Storage…

Achieve the scalability and performance you need and significantly reduce your latencies without the high costs or the hardware vendor lock-ins.

Unleash the SDM Data Center

Enable the Software Defined Memory (SDM) data center by converging both Storage and Memory. Run your applications entirely in memory with ease.


Breathe new life into older or existing hardware.

A collection of open source and enhanced Linux RAM drive and caching modules, the RapidDisk collection of software offers nothing but lightning speed performance. No additional hardware necessary! Just use existing DRAM and data storage drives. Breathe new life into older or existing hardware. Give it the extra boost in performance without the need to spend a single dime. Simple. Energy efficient. Cost effective.

  • Increase Performance

    by as much as 20-30x or more .

  • Reduce Power and Cooling Costs

    when you offload your data requests from your slower mechanical drives and to your stateless system memory.

  • Enable High Availability

    with our proven resource agents to limit and reduce down time

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