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Petros Koutoupis

Contact: support AT rapiddisk DOT org

Creator and Chief Maintainer            

Challenging the conventional wisdom. Maintaining independence. Being able to extract order from chaos. Willing to take that much needed risk. These are the ingredients to personal success.

Petros Koutoupis [support AT rapiddisk DOT org] is the self appointed BDFL of the RapidDisk project. Most of his career has been in software development in the data storage industry. He is deeply involved in open source software development and for years has written code for the Linux kernel, various open source device drivers and applications in both the embedded and server spaces. Petros is also a freelance author with the following published books / articles:

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I wanted to extend a thank you to all those who have contributed to the RapidDisk project by submitting patches for various things or by helping test code fixes. The list is as follows:

  • James Plummer of Stratus Technologies
  • Gustaf Ullberg
  • Dmitry Trikoz of Stratus Technologies
  • Neo
  • Efstathiou Efstathios
  • Marcel Huber
  • Steven Rudolph
  • Oliver Rath
  • Scott McGillivray
  • Boian Berberov


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Bug submissions or feature requests

If you found a bug with anything relating to this project, or have a feature you may want to see implemented (note that not all feature requests will be accepted) or feel that certain information is missing from this project site, please do not hesitate to submit a bug reporting so in the project’s bug tracker.

If you are experiencing a kernel panic and have a crash report (with a dump.core file and its associated kernel image), please reach out to us through our contact form to coordinate about getting the entire crash report in our hands for problem diagnosis.


Submitting Code Patches

To submit code patches, please submit all code preformatted (and according to the Linux kernel submission guidelines) in the body of your e-mails to the devel AT rapiddisk DOT org mailing list. Note – All e-mails sent to this list are archived at The Mail Archive. For a direct link to all RapidDisk archived e-mails, click here.