What happened with Suse Linux Enterprise Server?

It had been years since I installed Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for development and testing purposes. I want to say that the last time I dabbled with SLES was when version 9.3 was released in 2005. This was shortly after Novell had acquired the distribution and it would seem, that it was shortly before Novell ruined the distribution. In 2011, the Attachmate Group acquired Suse from Novell. Anyway, I recently loaded SLES 12 to port RapidDisk as a precompiled RPM for the distribution and what a disaster that was.

What happened to this distribution? It definitely was not developer friendly. To just get standard development packages which include zlib proved to be an extremely challenging task. I know many blame Novell and some blame their restrictive partnership with Microsoft. I on the other hand just see it more as bad management. I sure hope that with Attachmate they are back on the right coarse and that they adopt more from their community driven counterpart, OpenSuse. Only time will tell.