SoSecure: Is it the real deal or just vaporware?

I am no stranger to Kickstarter. I visit the site quite frequently, occasionally funding project, and have even unsuccessfully campaigned a few projects of my own. Needless to say, it was a matter of time before I came across the campaign for SoSecure’s “Secure SSD.” I didn’t know what to make of it at first. A few cool videos and a flashy website and a promise for an innovative new product at double the price of a traditional Solid State Drive (or SSD). The thing is, some of the features it boasts can already be accomplished, albeit through the aid of additional software and an individual savvy enough to accomplish those very tasks. That is, data encryption, (incremental) data backups, access locking (via Bluetooth), etc. It is without a doubt that all of these features should already be provided by the current SSD manufacturers. Sadly they are not. That is where SoSecure steps into the picture. But who is SoSecure?
A simple WHOIS lookup on the domain pulls the following parent organization:
Technical Contacts
Name: James Little
Organization: Pangaea Media Ltd

A detail that the Kickstarter campaign, their Kickstarter profile, and website fail to mention. Pangaea Media Ltd is a UK based company founded in 2008. They also own the domain and the company of the same name. When you visit the SecureDrives website, an identical technology is listed all over the website, and no matter what hardware or software product is added to your cart, nothing is available.
The most interesting part is when you look up “Pangaea Media Ltd” in a simple Google search, the first item listed is their listing on a UK Company Check website.
Cash £277
Net Worth £-51,242
Assets £442
Liabilities £51,684

I guess my point is, what are we investing in exactly? SoSecure, SecureDrives, or vaporware? OR is this Pangaea Media’s desperate attempt to be acquired by one of the big boys?
My Two Bytes
Many thanks go to Scott Westlake for bringing some of these details to my attention. After observing the evidence for myself, I kind of feel that maybe this is an intentional attempt to an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign and intended to grab the attention of some of the major players in the industry. Why would Pangaea Media Ltd run a Kickstarter campaign under a new alias to fund the exact same products SecureDrives is offering (but unavailable)? Something smells fishy.
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