RapidDisk 2.12 has been released.


The RapidDisk and RapidCache modules have been updated for the 3.14 kernel. A few changes in the kernel block structures warranted a little bit of rewrite for this new kernel. For the most part the changes were trivial and straight forward and without risk. Thanks go to Marcel Huber for identifying the compile issue and for testing the modules. He also discovered a bug in the rxio test utility which apparently existed on 64-bit systems. It makes sense since I originally wrote and used it on a 32 bit system. The latest code is on the git repo and can also be downloaded as a tar.gz from the Sourceforge project page.

About the Author: Petros


My name is Petros Koutoupis and I am the self appointed BDFL of the RapidDisk project. Most of my career has been spent in the computer engineering/development field, more specifically UNIX/Linux development. I have been deeply involved in open source development and for years I have been writing code for the Linux kernel, various open source device drivers and applications in both embedded and server environments. I am also the author of the following published Linux articles:

*High-Availability Storage with HA-LVM (Linux Journal 11/2014 Issue 247)
*Advanced Hard Drive Caching Techniques (Linux Journal 9/2013 Issue 233)
*The Lustre Distributed File System (Linux Journal 10/2011 Issue 210)
*Data Deduplication with Linux (Linux Journal 7/2011 Issue 207)
*Managing Storage Volumes with Btrfs (Linux / Linux Pro Magazine 3/2011 Issue 124)
*Archiving Data with Snapshots in LVM2 (Linux Journal 1/2011 Issue 201)
*Data Backup Applications (Linux+ DVD Magazine 1/2010)
*The Linux RAM Disk (Linux+ DVD Magazine 4/2009)
*Linux Volume Management (Linux+ DVD Magazine 3/2009)

You can read more about me on my personal website at www.petroskoutoupis.com or you can contact me at devel@petroskoutoupis.com.