SMR Drives: Are they too late to the game?

The sudden popularity over NAND Flash has spelled doom for traditional magnetic Hard Disk Drives (HDD). For years we have been hearing how HDDs are reaching the end of their life. We have also heard the same about Tape drives, long before that. Although, it would seem that the prediction on HDDs may become a[…]

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The relevance of SMART

Earlier today Robin Harris posted on a fascinating study. Although this article is an update to one written seven years ago.   SMART or the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology is a protocol developed in the 1990’s for passing information from a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD) to the CPU and[…]


The 2014 VMUG Chicago Conferences

So, two days ago I made some free time for myself to visit the 2014 VMware User Group Conferences in Chicago. What can I say? I really enjoyed talking to some of the people (and companies) there. I visited with SanDisk (Fusion-io), Maxta, Micron, Kaminario, Solidfire, Nexenta, Pure Storage, Pernix Data, X-IO Technologies (formerly Xiotech),[…]

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So IBM wants to kill their own creation: the hard disk drive

I came across this interesting article today: IBM wants to kill the hard drive it invented. Called racetrack memory, IBM is leading an effort to more affordable and higher performing non-movable storage. While the article was an exciting one and does give us insight into what IBM is planning, I wanted to spend some time explaining why I am[…]