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Announcing RapidDisk 5.0!

kernel: Remove kernel mainline specific code (intended for brd replacement). kernel: Change spinlock types to work better with virtio (github issue #13). test: Updated tests to a work with the modern version of RapidDisk. utility: Add JSON output for RapidDisk configuration (requires libjansson). www: remove fat-free (f3) RESTful API. Learn more here: https://github.com/pkoutoupis/rapiddisk/wiki/Downloads-and-Installation

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RapidDisk / RapidDisk-Cache 4.2 now available.

Updates include: kernel: Added Write-Around support to rapiddisk-cache. kernel: Fixed LINUX_VERSION check for rapiddisk-cache to accommodate changes in 3.8.3. utility: Added a NOCRYPT build flag. utility: Added user definable keys for encryption setup. You can pull it from the git, yum, apt, zypp repos or download it from the SourceForge project page. Note – Please[…]

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RapidDisk / RapidDisk-Cache 4.0 now available.

Updates include: Fixed libcryptsetup build error for RHEL6. Renamed rxdsk/rxcache modules. Did massive cleanup of administration utility code. Converted most (if not all) return codes to POSIX.1 error numbers. Code cleanup in RESTful API. RapidDisk volumes now show up as non-rotational. Cleaned up ioctls in both module and utilies. You can pull it from the[…]

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RapidDisk / RapidCache 3.7 now available.

Updates include: Cleaned up kernel module code. Fixed stack overflow bug in administration utility. Fixed error print statement in administration utility. Updated copyright years. Cleaned up build environment, including Makefiles. Fixed bug in configuring encryption on device. You can pull it from the git, yum, apt, zypp repos or download it from the SourceForge project[…]


SMR Drives: Are they too late to the game?

The sudden popularity over NAND Flash has spelled doom for traditional magnetic Hard Disk Drives (HDD). For years we have been hearing how HDDs are reaching the end of their life. We have also heard the same about Tape drives, long before that. Although, it would seem that the prediction on HDDs may become a[…]

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RapidDisk / RapidCache 3.5 now available.

I pushed it into the mainline last Sunday. Yes, I know, I am a bit late with this announcement. Forcing rxdsk driver to do the drive enumeration. Removed functionality from administration utility. Appropriately initializing major number variable to 0 before registering block device module. Administration utility now checks for sysfs entry of rxdsk and not[…]