SMR Drives: Are they too late to the game?

The sudden popularity over NAND Flash has spelled doom for traditional magnetic Hard Disk Drives (HDD). For years we have been hearing how HDDs are reaching the end of their life. We have also heard the same about Tape drives, long before that. Although, it would seem that the prediction on HDDs may become a[…]

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RapidDisk / RapidCache 3.5 now available.

I pushed it into the mainline last Sunday. Yes, I know, I am a bit late with this announcement. Forcing rxdsk driver to do the drive enumeration. Removed functionality from administration utility. Appropriately initializing major number variable to 0 before registering block device module. Administration utility now checks for sysfs entry of rxdsk and not[…]

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RapidDisk / RapidCache 3.2 now available.

I pushed it into the mainline earlier this morning. Replaced procfs management to sysfs. Identified & corrected a couple of memory leaks. Massive code cleanup (intended for kernel submission). Minor code optimizations (slight performance improvements). You can pull it from the git repo or download it from the SourceForge project page.

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RapidDisk / RapidCache 3.0 now available.

I pushed it into the mainline over the weekend. Added NVDIMM support. Added RESTful API support. Updated administration binary and cleaned up a lot of its code. Removed pyRxAdm graphical wrapper. Fixed bug when erroring during RapidCache module insertion. Cleaned up RapidCache module code (removed procfs entry). You can pull it from the git repo[…]